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2 Jun This addin will allow us to use the function. For MS Excel and prior versions, one can simply download, install and use. 14 Jul Hello all, Been having some problems with a a function called "" (part of the no-longer-supported add-in suite, 'more func'). Has any anyone had success with using this addin? I have tried it and if the woorkbook is open it works fine just like INDIRECT but if the.

23 May I am working in Excel In Excel , MoreFunc allows use of the function, which pretty quickly allows reference to a large. EXT with a range of cells with a closed workbook. This fomula: =SUM(INDIRECT. EXT('C:\'!$L$1:$L$1)) works with the wb2 workbook open or closed. I am trying to access data in a closed file using the add in The name of the file is in C11 (value = "'C:\Temp\\Weekly'!.

13 Aug EXT function which promised me to connect to an unopened file for data. I got it working while it is open (in the same way as INDIRECT did) but. Sorry my comment wasn't exactly correct, but I have found a link that can do this without extensions. here. you can type this =(['name of. My problem is that I had a battery of something like Excel files and I used a file which employed to give me summary info. The free add-in contains a function called, which works with closed worbooks. successfully returns the VALUE (CONTENTS) in the target cell from an open or closed workbook and works for SUM() etc., but.

18 Jan Dear Harlan Grove, Thank you for your amazing work with Pull function (attached )!! It works very well. My problem is that it use: Set xlapp. someone who knows of this addin and who can communicate in English how to get it to work. I am using the function to get data. I should be able to use INDIRECT to change the file links. old addon for MICROSOFT EXCEL 1 Dec I'm trying to use the function to return the contents of a cell within a number of external closed worksheets and I'm only currently.


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